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As with any complex system, building a successful organization requires business leaders to begin with the end in mind.  One must develop a full envisioned future in order to construct an appropriate operational frame work and develop relevant near-term business objectives.

Employing a values and culture centric approach focused around our core expertise in organizational design, Level 5’s “Organizational Blueprint” provides a strategic and operational framework enabling business leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their business smoothly, from early stage through maturity.

The process of developing each client’s Organizational Blueprint begins by guiding the client’s leadership team through the process of building the company’s vision framework including their core ideology and envisioned future.  Using the resulting vision framework as the starting point, we work back through the long, intermediate, and short-term with progressively finer detail until we arrive at the immediate-term strategic, organizational, and operational structures which will underpin the long-term growth and success of the organization in achieving their envisioned future.

Level 5 also provides hands on cross-functional management expertise wherever the enterprise has need during the earlier stages of implementation.


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