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Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop

One of the fastest growing forms of employment related litigation in the United States, Sexual Harassment claims have ballooned over the last several years. US employment law requires all domestic and international companies with one or more employees working in the United States to take affirmative steps toward preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

One of the most difficult forms of employment law to interpret, the judicial system requires both managers and employees to make personal judgments about the acceptability of behavior both inside and outside of the workplace.  Without professional guidance, a manager can unknowingly step over the line. There is equal danger of overreacting, placing a virtual “straight jacket” on the social environment of a company.

Further complicating employer compliance, the judicial system’s interpretation and enforcement of Sexual Harassment Law frequently changes.

While the cost associated with settling a case can be enormous, the real impact comes from the disruption to business, negative impact on employee morale, profound affect on the lives of the accuser and accused, and the significant harm caused to the reputation of the company in the eyes of customers, business partners, and potential employees.

The Level 5 Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop instructs managers in:

  • The underlying philosophy of Sexual Harassment law
  • Understanding the difference between the law and company policy
  • Application of both law and company policy in the workplace
  • Creating a company culture and work environment which fosters respect
  • Reacting appropriately in the event of sexual harassment claim

Designed to be both informative and entertaining, the workshop is highly interactive using a combination of classroom discussion, video driven group exercises, actual case studies, and humor. Each program is customized to employer specifications and includes direct references to individual employer policy.

Workshop Materials: Attendees will receive a participant’s guide including a copy of the presentation, case study documentation and relevant company policy.

Class Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours

Who Should Attend: Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads

Also Recommend: Level 5 also offers a separate workshop designed for non-supervisory employees

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