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“Candidates are typically hired based on experience and technical competency
while employees are usually fired because of bad behavior.”

Finding the right executive isn’t just about matching the candidate’s job knowledge, skills, abilities, and education to the specifications of the position.  Each organization posses a unique set of business challenges within their competitive market as well as within the dynamics of their own company.  Finding the right executive requires understanding the intellectual and interpersonal attributes necessary to lead in such an environment.

Level 5 is not a “traditional” executive search firm.  We are, first and foremost, a global consulting firm focused on helping your business succeed through its people.  Level 5 takes a radically different approach to executive placement.  What sets us apart from the rest is our long-term commitment to the client and the newly hired executive:

Search Process

    Original Research – We do not recycle candidates from previously completed searches.  We conducting original research for each new engagement.  Your Level 5 consultant will work closely with you to develop a position specification, candidate profile, and individualized search strategy insuring candidates that match your unique requirements, not the requirements of a previous client.

    No Multiple Submission – Level 5 will never present a candidate to more than one client, period.  Our consulting management system tracks all closed and current searches and flags any candidate who is in the system more than once.

    Deferred Fee – Level 5 is the only firm in the industry that defers our final invoice until the new executive has been on board for six months.  

Transition support

    Coaching Through Resignation – Few things are more irritating than completing an exhaustive search only to have the successful candidate resend their acceptance one week before their start date because they accepted a counter offer from their current employer. We personally coach each successful candidate through the resignation process planning out the method and timing of their resignation and preparing them for the likely counteroffer.

    Ongoing Coaching Included – The first six months of a newly hired executive’s tenure can set the tone for the rest of their career with their new employer.  If the new executive fails to fully transition in this period, they are unlikely to last a year.  The tendency of traditional executive search firms is to bring the engagement to a close once the successful candidate has joined the company.  Level 5 stays with the client and the new executive for a full year after placement providing transition coaching on an as-needed basis at no additional charge.

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