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Restructuring and Reduction in Force

rif3Are current global economic realities forcing you to take hard look at your expenses?  Are you considering restructuring product and/or service offerings? 

If you are considering a reduction in force (RIF) we can help you look at alternatives that don’t involve the organizational and personal upheaval exacted by layoffs (see Layoff Alternatives).  However, insuring the long-term financial viability of your organization hinges on eliminating positions Level 5 can save you time and expense, keep you out of court, and help the organization stay true to its moral compass.  We can also help your remaining employees stay energized in the aftermath.  Our Restructuring and Reduction in Force services include:

  • Develop a comprehensive organizational plan mapped to the new structure of the business
  • Identify the positions that must be eliminated or simply provide a sanity check
  • Reduce legal exposure by keeping you in compliance with State and Federal employment law
  • Prepare and/or manage the logistics and business processes around the RIF
  • Plan and prepare employee communications
  • Train managers tasked with conducting termination meetings
  • Provide outplacement and career counseling assistance to affected employees
  • Provide guidance in keeping the remaining employees energized and motivated

Making your way through a RIF can be one of the most emotionally wrenching tasks you will ever face as an employer.  The impact on the lives of affected employees is immeasurable.  If not handled properly, your remaining employees may be equally impacted resulting in the loss through attrition of the people critical to executing the new business strategy.

Level 5 employs precisely the same human capital management principles whether helping organizations grow, restructure, or resize.

No two businesses are the same and each restructuring requires a highly personalized approach.  Where restructuring is concerned, one size does not fit all.

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