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All domestic and international businesses with one or more employees working in the United States are subject to a staggering number of State and Federal employment laws.  The typical small employer with less than 100 employees may be subject to over 40 State and Federal employment related laws containing hundreds of regulations addressing nearly every aspect of the employment relationship.  Material changes in many of these laws and regulations are enacted each year making it difficult for even large employers to keep current.  To make employer compliance more difficult, State and Federal courts often change the way they interpret and enforce these employment laws, even if the applicable law hasn’t changed.

Navigating the complexities of these laws is a daunting task.  For the foreign owned or small domestic employer, relying on a local attorney to provide guidance is simply not financially feasible.  Hiring an entire dedicated professional HR team may also be too costly.  Paradoxically, tracking the continuous stream of emerging State and Federal legislation and determining how these employment laws translate into employer practices is impossible without these resources.

With an average of 450 employment lawsuits filed in the US every day, the stakes are very high.

As your employment practices partner, Level 5 offers several approaches to helping the your company that customized approaches to takes a three pronged approach.

HR Startup: If your organization is in a very early growth stage, there may be no employment policies, practices, and business processes in place.  Consequently, Level 5 will forgo the HR Checkup and propose the HR Startup service.  The HR Start Up goes beyond just insuring compliance.  We tailor the HR Start Up service designing the business processes that will enable rapid growth and assimilation of new employees.

HR Checkup: The HR Check Up involves a thorough evaluation of your current employment policies, practices, and business processes.  A confidential report provides the compliance status of each item reviewed.  If any compliance issues are identified, an explanation and summary recommendations are provided.

Employment Law: Select the link below to view many of the employment laws your organization may be subject to.

HR Tune-up: If your organization  lacks the internal resources to implement some or all of the recommendations provided by the HR Checkup, Level 5 will do the heavy lifting required to bring your organization into compliance and put the streamline business processes in place that will enable smooth operations.

Virtual HR Team: The Level 5 Virtual HR Expert provides your organization with the same senior level HR expertise that large companies employ in-house, without the full-time overhead expense of employing in house Senior HR resources.

The Level 5 Virtual HR Expert provides your organization with on-call strategic and tactical HR support on an as-needed basis.

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