Mergers and Acquisitions


Depending on who you talk to, a scant 20 to 50 percent of M&As in the technology sector succeed.  One of the primary reasons for such an abysmal record lies not in the quality of the deal but in the pre deal due diligence and in execution of the post deal integration.

With our deep industry understanding, operational knowledge, expertise in merger integration, and our results-oriented culture, we have helped numerous clients realize their acquisition objectives. Our services range from due diligence support and pre-merger planning to post-merger integration support and preparation for divestiture.

Our M&A expertise Includes:

  • Pre-acquisition
    • Human Capital Due Diligence
    • Internal Announcement
  • Foundation Building
    • Integration Strategy Formulation
    • Integration Workout
  • Integration
    • Course Assessment
    • Execution
  • Assimilation
    • Long-term Plan Evaluation
    • Capitalizing on Success


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