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Executive Level Context Expert: For the early stage enterprise, it is not fiscally prudent to top-load the company with highly compensated strategic executives. Paradoxically, it is extremely difficult to develop and execute strategically without the benefit of such seasoned talent.

With Level 5’s outsource services, your enterprise will enjoy the benefits of executive and senior level context expertise that larger companies employ without the overhead of a full-time head count.

Virtual Infrastructure: The financial analysis and human capital management tools employed by medium to large enterprises provides a level visibility into operations that is critical to planning and growth.  These tools come at the cost of maintaining an in-house staff of HR, Accounting and FP&A professionals.  The reality for the smaller enterprise is there simply isn’t enough revenue to support such an infrastructure and, even if there were, there isn’t enough work to keep the people with the necessary skills fully tasked.

Level 5’s virtual infrastructure provides small or early stage companies with the benefits of human capital management and financial planning and management tools employed by larger rival enterprises without the fixed cost of employing the resources directly.


Interim Executive Management:

Executive transitions are an opportunity for organizational assessment and renewal, not simply as a crisis requiring an immediate solution or search.  Level 5 provides interim solutions to meet imminent or urgent needs for executive-level management. 

Our interim executive management engagements are triggered by:

  • Time critical projects
  • The imminent or immediate departure of an executive
  • Company undergoing period of significant change and/or transition such as:
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Divestitures
    • Sale of assets
    • Downsizing
    • Transformation of corporate Structure
  • Corporate turnaround and restructuring
  • Crisis management
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