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Supporting efficient, cost-effective server management through a scalable delivery model.

Infrastructure management is a scalable, configurable suite of services to help you administer your server environment more efficiently and cost-effectively on your own premises or from an IBM facility. Our services range from basic server and device monitoring to full scale management of mission critical server environments.  We also support leading vendors that provide high availability products to optimize your IT and information infrastructure. And while traditional managed service arrangements may require the adoptions of new equipment or IT standards, you can enjoy the benefits of our remote managed infrastructure service without transforming your existing infrastructure.

IBM uses a hybrid delivery approach with the cost advantages of leveraging global resource while maintaining the local presence you require. 

IBM Server Managed Services also offers you access to processes, tools and methodologies developed by IBM in their experience managing more than 206,000 servers worldwide. These services help you establish a collaborative, innovative computing environment to support your business without significant up-front costs. These services can help you:

  • Contain the costs and challenges of managing your IT environment
  • Release strategic IT resources to focus on other projects
  • Increase security, stability, server availability, operational efficiency and scalability
  • Access alternative funding models to help you work within financial       constraints
  • Enhance service-level visibility and management
  • Enhance effectiveness of internal chargeback mechanisms
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

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