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Managed Hosting Services combine an IBM-designed infrastructure with IBM-managed servers hosted in a state-of-the-art IBM-certified data center.

IBM Managed Hosting solutions come in three flavors including:

  • Packaged Hosting Option - A robust, pre-integrated and end to end solution.
  • Flexible Hosting Option - The flexibility and scalability you need.
  • Mainframe Hosting Option – Brings big processing power to small/mid-size mainframe workloads.

Regardless of which option you select, you will have access to a wealth of IT management experience and proven processes, without the upfront capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with implementing and managing a new Web or application infrastructure.  The result is an IT infrastructure solution that will allow you to focus your people and capital on the core business.

Summary Benefits:

  • Robust and secure managed hosting solutions designed to provide affordable hosting options for your enterprise and web-facing applications.
  • Options ranging from basic web server support to complex data center environments
  • Options ranging from basic web server support to complex data center environments
  • Fully redundant hosting environment
  • IBM project executive to ensure service delivery & client satisfaction
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