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If your organization is very small or in a very early stage of growth, there may be few or even no employment policies, practices, and business processes in place.  Lack of standardized HR business process is hurting your organizations efficiency and leaves it vulnerable employment related law suites.  The Level 5 Startup Package includes the essential Human Resource policies, business processes, and forms necessary to achieve compliance with State and Federal employment laws and regulations while facilitating efficient and scalable business operations.

Level 5’s HR Startup services will build the custom business processes that

The HR Startup Package encompasses the entire employment life cycle consisting of the three primary phases of employment:

    • On-boarding Employees and Contractors - enabling rapid hiring and assimilation of new employees.
    • Maintaining Employees and Contractors - enabling the efficient handling of substantially all employment  related activities issues in a smooth and legally compliant manner.
    • Terminating Employees and Contractors - removing the fear and mystery surrounding the termination of poor performing employees.

In order to tie the three phases together into a coherent methodology, a complete process flow for the entire employee life cycle will be provided. Level 5 will also train each member of the management and administrative staff in use of the new system.

Although the primary goals of the HR Startup Package are achieving legal compliance and smooth predictable operations, Level 5 will tailors the individual components to integrate with you organization’s culture and values.

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