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HR Checkup

Level 5’s HR Checkup is not just a compliance audit.  Although compliance is a critical core objective, the broader objective is to identify opportunities for the overall improvement of Human Resources policies, practices, and business processes and alignment with the organization’s objectives. A confidential report provides:

Identification of opportunities to improve alignment with the overall business objectives.

  • A high level description of the organization’s overall business objectives providing an alignment gauge.
  • Compliance status of each item reviewed with a full explanation of any areas in need of remediation.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency through adjustment or implementation of business processes.

HR evaluations from even the most prestigious consulting firms provide only a random spot check of employment records and include only a cursory review of your company’s current policies.  In the event of an OFFCCP audit, EEOC investigation or when responding to discovery by opposing legal counsel, such cursory audits often result in very unpleasant and expensive surprises.  Level 5’s HR Assessment involves an in-depth review of every current and past employment policy, HR business practice and employment record going back three years.  The HR Assessment provides companies with the peace of mind that comes with knowing there won’t be any surprises.

For an outline of the areas covered in the typical HR Checkup:

For a sample of the applicable employment laws for a typical employer with less than 100 employees:



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