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App hosting IBM Hosted Application Services is an operational model that simplifies the management of enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, PTC Windchill and IBM Lotus® Notes® software.  It is an Integrated Operational Platform that’s truly optimized for ERP and applications hosting.

This is not SaaS.  Henry Ford once said of the model T, “you can have one in any color you want, as long as its black…”  Like the model T, SaaS typically provides predefined application functionality.  AoD supports your specific application configurations.   This means that IBM does not dictate which version of the applications you must use or the functionality that you must implement.

Our iSRVCE web portal provides application visibility and control allowing you to track service requests. It includes many self service capabilities such as add on orders for SAN, network and application instances.

Key Hosted Application Services characteristics include:

  • Process - Defined, repeatable, measurable and optimized for compliance.
    • Supports over 25,000 service requests per quarter
    • Supports 200 activation projects per quarter
    • Includes 27 major SOX controls
    • Hundreds of standard operation procedures
  • Technology - Security, monitoring, performance, scalability and availability.
    • Five layer security model featuring security SLAs
    • 24x7 monitoring of applications, databases and infrastructure
    • High-availability options
    • Disaster recovery options
  • Automation - Improves reliability and quality by standardizing expert knowledge with hundreds of automations for:
    • Applications
    • Database
    • Infrastructure
    • Business processes
    • Up to 90% of critical SRs automatically generated, proactively resolved before outages occur
  • Products - Reduced complexity through standardized, configured-to-order solution components
    • Preconfigured applications solutions, including service scopes, architectures and sizing guides
    • 92 standard products
    • 1,400 standard options
    • Support all major enterprise applications vendors
    • Available with usage-based pricing
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