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Founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 2002, Level 5 is a global business consulting and IT services firm providing strategic and tactical business services across a wide range of industries to clients ranging from early stage startups to mature multibillion-dollar global enterprises.  Level 5’s mission is to guide our clients to reaching their full potential.  Our practice areas center on the optimization of people and financial resources, business processes, and the strategic application of technology.

In 2009, Level 5 joined forces with IBM® further expanding our reach into IT services.  The primary thrust of our technology consulting practice is toward transforming our client’s into lean and agile organizations capable of easily scaling up or down to meet market demands.

With Level 5’s hosting and outsourced IT services, our clients achieve a world class dynamic and cost effective IT infrastructure without the significant upfront cost of building and managing it themselves.  Our clients also have the option of offloading some or all of the day to day maintenance and fire fighting allowing them to redirect their internal resources toward the core business.

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